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WTFParts Store

You wanna speedrun a game? You can find what you need here. From games, to cables, to controllers to T-shirts.... it’s here! We will also have a request function so if you need a particular set up or want to play a specific game…. the tools needed will be hunted down, quote provided, and everything tuned and supplied by WTF himself.

An emphasis on quality, trust, excellence, and speed is at the core of the store. WTFParts will never compromise on these principles when providing speedrun products.


Custom controllers, consoles and input displays for maximum visual impact and performance. From paint jobs to tuned joy sticks, WTFCustoms can provide.

As time passes more products and option will become available. WTFParts only consists of WTF himself and some side assistance, essentially it's a passion project. The dream is for WTF to do this full time so maximum effort can be put into WTFParts.


For now, that passion is still hot and the motivation high.

What does WTFParts do?

WTFParts has a core focus on the speedrunning community and aims to provide speedrunners and other gamers worldwide with reviews, analysis, news, products, and knowledge needed to get sick times in whatever speed game they are playing.

WTFParts is broken down into 3 areas:


Reviews, News and analysis of games, tools, parts, strategies. The aim is to eventually create THE website for all speedrunning related news and content.

For now, WTF will endeavour to post everything and everything relevant via Twitter as the main hub. Instagram and Facebook will also house content from WTFParts with Twitch being the main face of 1 to 1 contact and questioning with WTF Himself.

Current state of WTFParts
Feb 11th 2022

"I have recently been given the permission to start creating items and have started the first lot of purchasing for the first wave of selling.

Some tools have been unfortunately delayed due to global shipping issues but this mostly affects the version 1 of input displays I’m planning on making.

By the time this is released I would have approached various members and stores of those who supply directly or indirectly speedrunners and retro gamers. I want to be able to bring a highly specialised line of products and services that benefit all that come to WTFParts.

I am always looking out for people to work and collaborate with so if its something techy, want to reviews parts or just want to show support, please do get in touch 😊

As always if you wanna support me just follow my socials and if you wanna donate, you can below!

Much love always

Kieran (WTF) Clinch"







The main website:



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