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Full module replacements


Let’s talk about real, tangible replacements that you can buy or pre-order at the very least. Below lists the different options and any relevant links to the parts. If you message below or directly, I can update this list with your experiences. Please just tell me the tier/rating of the stick and why it is good/trash.


third party C tier and below 2/10 – 7/10 replacements


*Version 1 note: will list all my confirmed reviews as mentioned in the intro ( Therefore, unless I have tested the parts/have it on very good authority that the parts are either shit/primo they will be classed as unconfirmed


Optical replacements:

Hyperkin (Not reviewed)


Sharpshooter (Not reviewed)


1upretro (Not reviewed)

Potentiometer replacements (I will always class these as 7/10 or below due to how the stick fundamentally works, the only exception being Prostick64) 


ZebLabs (CONFIRMED 1/10 – But no review)


Repair Parts 3D (Not reviewed)


Unconfirmed if Optical or Potentiometer (If anyone has any experience with these and whether they or optical or not please post below) 


Gam3Gear (Not reviewed)


Hyrule games (Not reviewed)


OTVIP (Not reviewed)


eStarland (Not reviewed)


Techexpress (Not reviewed)


The Gamesmen (Not reviewed)


Game Gorilla (Not reviewed)


Meme post (Not reviewed)

Gamecube style replacement sticks: 2.x only; 0/10 for main stick play



Third party A-tier: 7/10 and above (Confirmed quality replacements only here)


Steelsticks64 (CONFIRMED 9/10 – 10/10 (Grade A Bowl 97/100))


Zedlabs Optical stick (CONFIRMED 7/10 – but not reviewed)


Input Viewers Kitsch-Bent full Module (CONFIRMED 8.5/10 - Stick/Bowl/Gears (See review for more combinations)):


Prestige P64 stick (Not reviewed - Offline)


Brewstick64 (Not reviewed)

  • A full Steelstick inspired stick made from the ground up. Would love to get hold of one for review as those that have bought them have literally given them sterling reviews. Biinny has stated they will never be mass produced, however he has teased some big news soon (9/12/2021)

  • Sells on Etsy and gives shout outs when used or new sticks become available.

  • Created with SM64 speedrunning in mind so can probably handle high stress gameplay


Prostick64 (Not reviewed)

  • A Potentiometer based mod stick that has multiple modes based on what game you are playing. More about this in  'The Future' Section.

  • Completely built from the ground up and completely open source


Nomad Stick (Not reviewed)

ReStick (Not reviewed)

OEM S tier: 10/10 sexy hot tub live stream confirmed


OEM sticks are the best, by far. Perfectly tuned to the N64 and the games it plays. I would make the argument that an 8/10 stick is better than a brand-new 3rd party replacement. So, if you can get one and put the time in researching what to do to secure a great stick then it’s 100% worth it. Good thing that I have written a guide for it below!

THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE NEW SWITCH N64 CONTROLLER RELEASE! The only part of that controller that can be used in old school controllers is the stick, spring and round white plastic part. The bowl is completely incompatible with OG N64 along with the gears.

Individual Part replacements 


Welcome to the tinker zone. See below for links for individual part replacement: 


3rd party: Possible (Unless confirmed) C tier and below 2/10 – 7/10 replacements*


*Version 1 note: I am currently testing or have on order most things on this list. Final reviews will be on so I would highly suggest going on there and getting the most up to date information!

Also keep in mind that unless it states confirmed, these are all unconfirmed until tested.


Ubermicro (CONFIRMED – See Kitsch-bent)

-  I got these through just after Kitsch-bent restocked and at first glance they looked exactly like kitsch bent. From the finish of the gears to the response in a controller. I am currently writing up the Kitsch-bent review so just go read that.


- How to install: 


StangBoy (REVIEW IN PROGRESS – In stock)


Kitsch Bent (CURRENTLY REVIEWING – In stock


PRINTom3d (CONFIRMED – 84/100 by – Review below – In stock)


GenovaGames (Not reviewed) – In stock)




3rd Party A-tier: Possible (unless confirmed) 7/10 and above (CONFIRMED - 72/100 by – Review below – In stock):


Shapeways (Not reviewed)/Currently testing)

  • I previously marked these as below 7/10 as El Man has noted inconsistency with these parts. In addition, they are other mentions on the internet of their subpar replacements/inconsistencies. HOWEVER, I am currently testing some items from shapeways so watch this spot.



3rd party S tier: 10/10 sexy confirmed.



Steelsticks (CONFIRMED – ((Grade A bowl only) 97/100 by – Review below – Out of stock):


El Man64 (Not reviewed – Out of stock):

  • The OG that created the files to make N64 part 3d printing possible and N64 part design possible. Out of stock due to not being able to find a good part manufacturer (Has mentioned inconsistencies with Shapeways). References Steelsticks for parts to use in conjunction with)

  • Very inactive but has recently teased a new, completely redesigned stick, The eL Stick?

1. Full module replacements
..... 1.2. Third party C tier and below 2/10 – 7/10 replacements
.......... 1.2.1. Optical replacements
.......... 1.2.2. Potentiometer replacements
.......... 1.2.3. Unconfirmed if optical or potentiometer replacements
.......... 1.2.4. Gamecube style replacement sticks
..... 1.3. Third party A-tier: 7/10 and above
..... 1.4. OEM S tier 10/10
2. Individual part repacement
..... 2.1. 3rd party: Possible (Unless confirmed) C tier and below 2/10 – 7/10 replacements*
..... 2.2. 3rd Party A-tier: Possible (unless confirmed) 7/10 and above
..... 2.3. 3rd party S tier: 10/10 sexy confirmed.
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