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Parallel Lines

Synthetic Perfection

Low cost, 10/10 N64 module modules that rival steel and bronze counter parts. Every part modified by hand for a truly unique gaming experience.


Because synthetic perfection doesn't have to break the bank.



How it started

The premium market for N64 parts is expanding. There are more and more options for steel and bronze parts than ever before. However, the synthetic/plastic parts market has stalled due to costs of the creation of new, injection molded parts.


Meeting of the minds

Collaboration is key to innovation. WTFParts consulted legendary N64 parts creator Alinktotao and the N64 Parts Creators Forum to formulate a low cost, near perfect solution to parts modification that can perform on par with steel and bronze counterpart... parts.

Screenshot 2022-12-30 182011_edited.jpg


A module for everyone: KBExWTFP

After months of testing and pushing the Kitsch-Bent N64 parts range to its limit, something emerged: KBExWTFP.

The parts have been pushed to their limit. modified in every way. From bowl post processing to hand tuning the stick itself with replaceable parts, this is the solution to premium at a low cost.


KB2KExWTFP: Maximum performance

The final part of the modification to the Kitsch-Bent module is that of the bowl. WTFParts has chemically treated the original plastic bowl to increase hardness but also glossiness. This bowl is still in beta testing, however preliminary results are very promising. 

This final change completes almost a year of R&D and collaboration 


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