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Version 1 acknowledgements and foreword

The v1.0 has taken quite a long time to reach the point of finalisation. Redundancy, another job loss, myself getting COVID and mental and physical health problems really delayed everything, however I have been working on other, positive things too which have sadly delayed this document!

This megathread/guide will now be hosted and updated from hereon out on my website, This website will ultimately hold all part reviews, analysis, and a N64 Part (and retro games store which I am in the process of setting up. My scope for this project is quite large and will take further time, however it’s closer than you may think to getting completed and I am very excited!

Up until now this information has been hosted in The community really got me into speedrunning and has been incredibly supportive during my journey. It was originally meant with Goldeneye in mind, however the scope of the project has gotten way larger than just considering Goldeneye players in mind. Please know however that the foundation of this document and its existence would not have been possible, and would not exist, without The Elite. I Particularly want to give a shoutouts to Whiteted/Redted, Irie/Topofthemorning, DynamixDJ/Dinnermix, DanO/Breakneck/Mr. Retirement, Mamel, Bluekhakis and everyone that has supported my stream or my writings. I know I didn’t list everyone, but you know who you are, and I am eternally grateful.

All of this work I have done for free, for the love of speedrunning and a fair, competitive environment which we can all enjoy. As speedrunners we should not have to run around, trying to find the best bits for our setups that may, or may not work.

If you would like to support me in anyway, please consider following my social media and my Twitch stream. It’s the best way to carry on the conversation and get updates about any speedrunning, controller developments, I also post daily Goldeneye and Perfect dark videos.

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The main website:





The purpose of this work is to have a source for all N64 stick knowledge, resources, and a general hub to maintain the best/worst stick in history. A secondary purpose is to really highlight the fact that original sticks and 10/10 OEM parts are not only in short/expensive supply but good 3rd party replacement parts and sticks are decreasing in availability. I was shocked as to how hard it was to get a good stick when I had the ability to buy one, not one due to availability but what to look for as many sellers sell “AN AMAZING NEW N64 CONTROLLER” but the stick is a just a GameCube stick shoved in there or a 6/10 n64 used stick, or more recently, strange black coloured sticks that look cursed.

In the following sections, I will explore the current state of stick availability in terms of OEM sticks but also 3rd party replacements. I will also cover repair techniques and most importantly how to take care of your stick once obtained.

1. Forward and Intro
2. Intro
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