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Please find below some questions and answers to somethings you may already have on your mind!

How often is your site updated with new content?

I try to update the website as much as I can. If I get a new product to review it may take me a little while to test and write up about. I try and stream regularly on Twitch and Youtube so if you want to hang out you can find me on there. Alternatively you can use the contact form on the main page to get in contact with me. 

Do you get paid to run this/Do you get financial incentive to write the reviews? 

Nope. This website is completely free from paid to promote. If I ever got paid to provided financial incentive to write a review I would state this clearly on the review itself. Nowadays it is very hard to know what to buy in terms of parts when looking at N64 gears, controllers etc. I want to remove this ambiguity as a lot of people just want a trusted source to rely on so they can just go ahead and buy a product that will help them get sick times.

If there is a product that has not been reviewed, can I request you review it.

Yes and I even encourage it. I don't know everything and that extends to new or existing products that I don't know about that people may be considering buying. You can 100% request such coverage.

Why should I trust you

You shouldn't. At the end of the day peoples' experiences are different and one persons experience of a product will be different from another persons. I can give you an opinion and not a fact. If you chose to value my opinion then that's amazing, I will be as honest as I can possibly be and write things that will hopefully help you along your journey. If you don' trust me, then that is as well okay. At the end of the day you, the reader, has to make the decision whether to trust that I am saying.   

What is your motivation, why are you doing this?

I touch on this in the about me section but ill go into it again a tad here. This whole project started after I bought an OEM/original N64 controller. It took me a long while to get this controller and I was baffled about how long and hard it took. OEM 10/10 controllers are very hard to find and a lot of people say they are perfect, but just have Camecube sticks put in them or are just shit. This led me to write the Master Thread on, a massive document outlining how to not only buy a new stick, but how to look for one, maintain one and expose smaller projects out there looking to keep the stick alive.
After I finished writing this I wanted to have a webpage, one source for all this information as all the data and collective knowledge was spread out, everywhere across the net. So I started (Watertemplefiend Parts) for a home for everything regarding the stick!

How do you find parts to review/what is the process?

A lot of times I am just searching on the net for N64 stick updates or new products and gears relating to the N64 stick. I will reach out to individuals who are making such creations and ask them If i can provide an unbiased review of the product. They have some times provided free gears and equipment (I do not consider this financial incentive, they are being kind and are aware I will be honest about the product). Once it arrives I play test it I use it like the consumer would. I tend to speedrun Goldeneye as this sort of play will strain the parts enough and the level of accuracy needed in the game ensures that the parts hold up to a high quality standard. I also use an Everdrive X5 to conduct range readings. Once that's done I tend to wrote up the review. I try to not over do it and keep it concise, but I will always mention the most important parts that need covering!

Will you review other speedrunning parts ie NES/SNES/PC etc?

Yes, however not right now. I want to completely cover the ground for N64 as there is still alot of work to be one. HOWEVER, if there was a huge demand for it ie alot of people are asking for my opinion on a part or product, I will provide.

How can I support you?

Right now the best way to support me is through Twitch. Just sending a follow my way means that more people get exposed to my content (and personality.. good luck with that). You can also subscribe on Youtube and follow on Twitter and Facebook. 

If you want to go the super extra mile you can subscribe on Twitch or send me a donation. These links are on my Twitch but I will add them to the site once I've finished it <3 

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