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About Watertemplefiend 

Hey there, I see you have stumbled across my tiny corner of the internet. Nice. Well as you’re here I will give you a bit of info about what I do and why this website exists.

In late 2020 I needed to buy a new N64 controller, and not a 3rd party brand or a 2nd hand, floppy stick controller, I needed a 10/10 OEM/Original N64 controller. This was a huge task to not only find a potential seller, but to make sure the stick was legit, unrefurbished and most importantly, 10/10 (No wobble, no wear, perfect). 

I got lucky, I manged to secure a 9-10/10 stick and another stick which I thought was okay... however it was not. It was added on to the order for a small price, even from the video that I requested of the stick it was still may more wobbly and worn that initially thought. 


After my hardship (First world problem much), I went about creating the master N64 stick thread on published in May of 2021. A massive document covering everything from how to buy a stick, to stick repair and projects making replacement parts currently.

​This was fully updated to version 1.0.1 at the end of 2021 and is fully integrated into this website (and you can read the text now, the images DON’T cover the text anymore :L).

In addition to this, is also a hub for honest reviews from games parts to hardware.


I believe in honestly and integrity and want to provide THE hub for speedrunning support and knowledge. I have met some fantastic people along the way and would love to work with you. Just send me an email ( and lets talk! Alternatively, if you wanted to submit your own review, there is a contact form on the front page.


This is a single person project through and through and for the past year has been my life. If you wish to donate or support me please consider clicking the links below:






The main website:



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